New Mommy Tips That You Don’t Hear Often

This article for new moms on byHispanic-Mom-Baby-Hospital-Bed1-199x300 Jaclyn Lutanco-Chua titled Newbie Premier: 20 Helpful Tips for New Moms is the first mommy article that I have read that actually made me go ‘wow, good call lady!!!’ I definitely have to come back to this come October! Here are 5 of my absolute favorite tips ♡):

On breast feeding #7. Room in
“Have your baby room in with you at the hospital. Contrary to what others say, you will get less rest if your baby is in the nursery because you will constantly have to get up to breastfeed him. When you are together in your room, you can cuddle, soothe, breastfeed, and bond with him all you want. And when you get home, you are already past the getting-to-know-each-other stage.” — Mary Grace Delos Santos, IT consultant; mom to Hans, 4

On baby care #10. Trash the rash
“Don’t wait until your baby develops a rash before you use zinc-oxide creams. I started applying cream on my son’s diaper area from day one until the time he stopped wearing nappies, and he never got a rash. Prevention is really better than cure.”— Patricia Locsin, entrepreneur; mom to Peter, 5

Day to Day #13. Pack extras for yourself as well
“Remember to include an extra change of clothes for yourself in your baby’s diaper bag in case of emergency spitups and the like.” — Lynn Abella, makeup artist, mom to Jade, 4, and Allan, 2

On baby’s development #17. Don’t compare [definitely need to keep in mind when others compare as well]
“Every baby is different, and each one develops at his own pace. If your friend’s baby is already sleeping through the night at three months while yours still demands to be fed every few hours, don’t fret. If your two-year-old nephew is tall for his age and your son is just of average height, don’t worry! Comparing will make your more stressed because it is unrealistic. If your pediatrician isn’t worried, neither should you be.” — Farrah Copino, sales manager; mom to Jaime, 3

On sleeping #20. Try everything [have heard this a few times!]
“My colicky son couldn’t be soothed by just rocking him to sleep. I eventually discovered that he’d fall asleep whenever I’d carry him up and down the stairs. It was exhausting, but, hey, whatever works! Plus, it was good exercise for me. So think out of the box. I know someone whose baby had to hear the hum of the vacuum cleaner before falling asleep!” — Sandra Osorio; mom to Jayden, 5


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  1. #17 is such a great tip. I think it’s important not only to not compare your child’s development to other children, but also yourself as a mother to other mothers. Motherhood is equally challenging and equally amazing for everyone…just in different ways! All the best with your delivery. 🙂


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  2. I definitely agree with the ”Don’t Compare” tip a lot of mothers get wrapped up in what other children are doing at the same age as their child and forget each child moves to their own tune………..My daughter does what she wants when she wants lol

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    1. Yes!!!!!! That may be the #1 tip in my opinion!!! I hear people comparing allllll the time and I’m like “isn’t every child different.” Every parent is different so I CAN ONLY IMAGINE that their children are different. How can you compare? If anything compare the parents and leave the kids and their own personal growth (that they have so much more to do of and so much time) out of it. What I dislike the most is relatives comparing. Ugh, get’s under my skin and my baby hasn’t even been born yet. I’m like “who cares who crawled/walked/talked first, the parents were happy whenever it did happen, and it happened or will happen for everyone so just stop.” I already know the same individuals will be comparing our daughter to what the other kids were doing at her age. :-/

      You tell them!!! In my eyes my daughter is going to be beyond comparison, so there’s THAT! 😀 Hahahaha.

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      1. The things we go through as mothers lol!!!

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  3. jenhodges14 says:

    These are some awesome tips. I especially like the one about applying creams before the baby ever gets a rash. I have noticed that my friends’ babies fight with rashes, and I’ve wondered what I can do to help my child fight rashes when he/she gets here. I will definitely take this advice!

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    1. Yayyy glad you found this helpful! And it seems like more people would be doing that but I guess not! I purchased some rash cream (with this in mind) when I was like 4 months pregnant haha 😊

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