Prep Tips for Your Garden This Spring!

beautiful-spring-bloom-spring-33876232-670-503Spring is finally here and it’s almost time to start planting new flowers and working on the garden! One thing to start doing very soon is killing any possible weeds before they get out of control. So many of the sprays that we buy in stores and garden centers are extremely toxic, can get into the water supply, and can harm other things in nature such as the beautiful birds that come out with the nice weather. These weed killers can also cause cancer and other ailments in both animals and ourselves!!!

There are a few ways to kill weeds that are safe, eco-friendly, inexpensive, and can be found right in our homes. One of the most effective solutions is vinegar with at least 5% acetic acid. Vinegar is a natural product, usually derived from grain, apples or grapes. The acetic acid in vinegar will make weeds shrivel up and die just as effectively as any weed killer from the store. It may take  two hours to a day depending on the strength of the weed, like many weed killers, but the vinegar will immediately begin to draw all of the moisture out of whatever you spray or douse it on (so do not get it on your other plants).

Before you begin planting, a great way to continue to prevent weeds is to first lay down news paper or weed fabric to prevent weeds from growing through the places where you do not plant. Simply make a hole where you are going to plant and dig away!!! Any existing weeds will be suppressed and unable to grow from inability to reach sunlight. There are many different ways that people do this but **newspaper** and some weed fabric ensure that a good amount of moisture gets through to the soil. With bags, too much moisture may become trapped, the soil won’t be able to breathe, and this can cause mold and other problems at the roots of your plants.Cover with mulch and border/edge if you’d like for even more protection from weeds plus that crisp look when you’re finished planting and enjoy!!!

Tip: Planting plants that shade the ground help prevent weeds as well because they block even more sunlight from reaching them. great ground covering plants are hostas, creeping thyme, dichondra, and bishops weed. It all depends on the desired place and height that you want them.

So excited to finally be able to see so many beautiful flowers out again ♡


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  1. Kah Choon says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips and steps!

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