♡ DIY Yarn Wreaths & Flowers ♡

♡ DIY Yarn Wreaths & Flowers 

This is definitely going to be my next project: making a yarn wreath with these cute little flowers. These always look great in the spring and summer, as well as in the fall with twine!!



– 1 yarn skein

– 1 straw or foam wreath from a craft store

– Felt sheets in your choice of color(s) OR artificial silk flowers

– Some handy dandy scissors

– Hot glue

– Ribbon or anything to hang your wreath with

SOOO EASY Directions: 

  • (*If you use a straw wreath keep the plastic on to help the straw stay neatly hidden & to help easily bunch your yarn together as well*) Tie your yarn onto your wreath form and begin to tightly wrap the form with your yarn, bunching the yarn close together along the way.
  • When you are finished wrapping cut the yarn with enough extra for you to tie it one last time. Once tied and secure cut of the excess yarn.
  • Cut up your petals, glue them together and create your felt flowers if your are going this route at this time.
  • Decide how you want your flowers arranged and add felt flowers or artificial silk flowers to your beautifully wrapped wreath with lots of glue so  that they don’t fall off when you have visitors 😛
  • Add your ribbon for hanging, tie a bow with an amount of hanging space in between to your liking (depending on your wreath and how and where you want it to hang) and cut off any unwanted excess.

**Making Felt Flowers**

I have not done this yet myself so I don’t have my own tips or tricks or tutorials yet but there are a bunch of felt flower tutorials on >> YouTube <<

Get creative and add other cute knick knacks – birds, bunnies, bees, butterflies, dragonflies, berries, buttons, polka-dots or pearls, i even saw stars on an American flag wrapped yarn wreath –  to make your wreath even more adorbs and unique and send me pictures!!!

***I do not take credit for these photos***

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  1. This is such a FABULOUS idea! Will definitely be giving this a go sometime this year. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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