New Truck for Our Growing Family & a Few Money Saving Tips!


My husband, Michael, has finally let go of his Camaro this past weekend. I know I’ve been a little pushy about getting a truck lately since we’ve been thinking of having a child, but the best part is that he is super happy with what we decided to get for our family car! He calls it his dream SUV ♡ Before, we would desperately need more space if we continue to travel by car to see our families during the holidays, and THIS Thanksgiving we will have not only 2 pretty big dogs that were already pushing the limits in the back seat but also a little baby who we want to be safe and in it’s own dog free area during long rides. But maybe we will feel like flying without the dogs this year, who knows.


What we do know is that our new Escalade is going to be perfect for our growing little family for the years to come with all of the extra space for absolutely anything, and we are super excited! It also has a built in navigation system, controlled air and heating for different parts of the truck, and a TV/DVD player. So perfect!!! We won’t be taking too many trips so we can keep the miles down and have the engine up and running for us as long as possible but it will definitely make the trips that we do take that much easier and every day life a breeze haha! ♡

And the question everyone has been asking: I am not getting rid of my Scion TC just yet hehe!!! Mackenzie has gotten us through floods when other cars were shutting down, 5 ft. blizzards when newer coupes were getting stuck and stranded, and she even moved all of my belongings plus a full sized mattress and then a 60″ TV in her day. Such a reliable and amazing car, Michael says that Scion needs to follow me around during crazy weather and make commercials 😛 Well I won’t be testing my luck anymore in a little car when we have a huge truck and a mini me+Michael, but we agreed that Mackenzie is still great to have even though I WILL be choosing the Escalade when it’s available ♡

If you have a great car keep it until you own it and then ride it until the wheels fall off — it’s always great to have no car payment for as long as you can! If you are thinking about getting a new family car make sure to check out consumer reports on the year, make, and model that you are looking into so that you know one of them out there is worth it! Get all of the information that you can about the dealer and from the VIN (Car Facts, etc.). Try to get yourself to buy used; I have gotten Michael to make a pact with me that we will never buy brand new, it’s never worth it, cars lose value right when you drive them off of the lot — SO BUY USED EVEN IF ITS JUST A YEAR OR TWO IT CAN SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY $$$$. Then bring a sassy partner in crime (like me :-P) with you to make the car sales person believe that they’re losing the sale 🙂

It’s never too late to start using better money management! Start thinking about what you want for yourself or for your family in the future and make that your money goal. Sit down and write out all of your monthly expenses and cut out or lower whatever you can for extreme saving! Then when you get into better habits with your money stick with them even after you’ve already gotten what you wanted!!! Too many people throw away too much money on things that they don’t need and stress about it later, and stressing about money sucks, trust me we have all been there. If you start being smarter with money earlier than later it will definitely change everything for you no matter how much money you are making right now.

Now , if only we can dodge those trying to play keeping up with the Schneiders for some reason. Do not let people in on your financial situations (good and bad) unless they are very close to you and you want to. All it does is promote gossip and can take away from the enjoyment of your proud investments. Simply take in the congrats and happy wishes that you receive from those who are truly happy for you and carry on ♡


I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! ♡

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