Pregnancy Update: 14 & 15 Weeks!!! High or Low Bump?

IMG_20150502_015310 IMG_20150510_023305 IMG_20150510_022651

Happy mother’s day to all of the amazing mommys out there! ♡ We are currently in our 15th week of pregnancy and are very anxious to find out the baby’s gender! This week the baby is about 4 1/2″ (about the size of an apple) and his/her legs are growing to be longer than his/her arms. Our baby can also move all joints and limbs and sense light!!! He/she cannot yet taste, but the taste buds are now forming. Its so amazing how much changes with every day that passes, and I can tell that these weeks and months are flying by right before our eyes. It’s going so fast that I can hardly take pictures on time!!!

Our baby started kicking last week and has been moving non-stop for a few weeks now, especially during the evening/night when we are watching our TV shows and movies (probably because I’m chill and not moving much).

I am always craving guacamole, applesauce, smoothies, and pizza rolls/roni-rolls. Yummmmmm ♡

The Mayo Clinic Pregnancy app that I have on my Windows tablet (which may be different on Android and Apple devices; it’s not as detailed on my Android phone) is so amazing at letting you know exactly what to expect each week and in each trimester. One thing that definitely hit me with the coming of the 2nd trimester is shortness of breath. I feel like I’m about 500 lbs after just going up the stairs sometimes, so ridiculous. 😛 I also have a major case of “pregnancy brain,” the craziest short term memory loss ever. I also started taking my prenatal vitamins at night after I’ve fed my mind all day because I was running out of new places to put the vitamin container around the kitchen to help me remember in the mornings. I never had any major morning sickness besides being occasionally light-headed during the first few weeks, BUT it has been said to be very helpful for those who suffer from morning sickness to take their prenatal vitamins before bed.

Our 1st Trimester Ultrasound Screening/BUN test for any complications or illnesses was all good and our doctor says that the baby and I are really healthy. Going to continue to drink lots of water, eat as healthy as possible, including putting spinach in my smoothies :-), and hope that our baby comes into the world happy and healthy in October!

I’m thinking that my belly is low but it also looks like is going to be shaped more like a watermelon than a basketball, cannot figure out some of the other old wives tales like if I’m craving sweet or salty foods more 😛 My ultrasound tech will hopefully be able to let us know the gender in a few weeks!!! It will be so nice getting another big question mark taken off of another thing because I am going to go crazy with baby clothes and room decor! So cute and so exciting ♡


I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! ♡

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