20 Things That I Want to Teach Our Daughter ❁

mother-daughter-at-the-beachI am so excited that we are expecting a beautiful little baby girl!!! So many things have been going through my mind and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what I really want to teach our child both when they are little and as he/she grows up. So far I have a few things that keep popping up in my head especially now that I know that we are expecting a girl.

Here are some that are very important to me (oh, and a few that maybe aren’t tooooo important but HEY) :


  1. That Jesus, mommy, daddy, and so many other people love her so she should never feel like she isn’t loved. Not only do we say so but all of our actions are living proof and we can only hope that she feels it all the time.
  2. That she is a unique creation of God, she doesn’t and cannot look exactly like someone else, and that is what makes her so beautiful.
  3. That mommy and daddy are always there for her; and when she’s older, that her mom has seen it all so she should never be afraid to come to me for advice, guidance, or help with absolutely anything.
  4. To never let her relationship with God falter even when everything is going as smooth as butter, because her faith in Him will make all of the difference in times that are not so smooth.
  5. To let go of all stress an worry and trust in God no matter if her worries are about finals week or tragedies going on in our world. Always pray, do the best she can to her maximum capability, and remember that God has a plan for all of us.
  6. That she can only have sleepover parties with her friends if she invites me to at least a few 😉
  7. Not to talk bad about others no matter what because we never truly know what they’ve been through or what they are going through.
  8. That being healthy and taking care of her body leads to extreme happiness.
  9. To do something caring and generous every chance that she gets; besides herself, it will make at least one other person feel amazing for days and she can be the one to bring some more positivity into the World.
  10. That Christmas in the most wonderful, magical time of the year not because of the presents but because it stands for the birth of Jesus, and the joy from that alone changes the entire atmosphere because people remember to be mindful of others, generous, an extremely happy for no reason at all and absolutely every reason especially when they can share the time with their loved ones. I’m crazy about it and she should be too 😀
  11. To always respect herself and others will respect her too.
  12. That no matter what she wants to be when she grows up, to be a strong and inspirational woman because the world needs more of them.
  13. To marry her best friend and make sure that they care about her how her amazing daddy cares about her.
  14. To always be herself, she will stand out in an amazing way.
  15. To always be a beautiful person on the inside because it will show on the outside — confidence, kindness, positivity, and a smile are the most beautiful things she can wear, and they never go out of style.
  16. That sometimes our greatest blessings come from the toughest times and toughest lessons learned.
  17. That kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying a good book is the greatest therapy.
  18. When she’s older: having a few glasses of wine with mom is totally fine 😛
  19. To hold on tightly to her inner child, her imagination, and her creativity for as long as she lives.
  20. To love and cherish this life because we are so blessed.

I can’t wait to meet our amazing and beautiful little girl, I know that we will have an awesome time together as her parents and as her best friends.

spend-time-with-familyThat’s another thing: I don’t completely believe in being a parent first and a best friend second, I think that the two should almost always go hand-in-hand with a mutual friend in Christ. I don’t want us to just be authority figures, I want them to come to us about any and everything and know that they will get the realest answer from us. Sort of like very wise friends that help them when they need guidance, and where family time is a lot like hanging out with friends, not being filtered and stuffy haha. Parental honesty and openness probably has to be there from the start. Maybe a lot of parents want the same, but I honestly think that want fades for many before the time comes due to hectic schedules and individual stresses, etc. We can’t let so many unimportant and often temporary things take from much more important things.

This journey will keep getting more and more interesting for sure, and I already love it.



I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! ♡

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