Baby Must Haves: Our Shopping Adventures + Aria’s Baby Registry


Thank you to everyone who has helped us out with knowing what we will need for Aria *especially Melissa who is like my mommy mentor*, my parents for their awesome contribution that helped us get some of the things that we really needed and wanted, and Mrs. Beth for finding so many clothes out in Pennsylvania!

For all of our family and friends who wanted to get something for Aria please check out our baby registry here ❁Aria’s Baby Registry❁ –If you are just scrolling by still check it out for yourself! There are some awesome things in there such as the HappyMat Placemat + Plate!


PhotoGrid_1434477546635I’ve been doing so much looking around for what we need for our baby for months now and I think we are almost all set and ready to go! We really couldn’t buy much until we knew the gender… and now I just want to stay surrounded with Aria’s cute things all the time! I literally pull out some of the stuff that we got her just to look at at least once a day.  A little obsessive I know haha. Everything is just so small and so adorable!!!

For those who were wondering, we will not be having a baby shower. The majority of our close friends and family are scattered around America and I would rather have our own space for one. Plus we will have so many moving preparations going on for our next duty station by the time we did have one that it was just be chaos for us. Maybe for our second child!

My parents help plus what I set aside got us so much that I feel like we did have a baby shower!!! I had so much fun too, maybe deep down the shopaholic in me made that no baby shower decision 😛 Michael and I shopped online on Wednesday; then I went to Ross, Marshalls, and Old Navy on Thursday; and finally we both did some garage sale shopping and made a quick stop at Kohl’s on Saturday. We got one awesome thing from the garage sales! Hopefully they’re more worth all of the driving around come summer time!!!

If you are expecting as well, I hope that you’re having as much fun as I am! We need to enjoy these times because they’re just going to be distant memories sooner than we think. Don’t stress — simply let everything fall into it’s place as it should and trip all of the people who have nothing but negative things to say about becoming a parent! Eat healthy, get as much sleep as you can, and know that God is watching over you and your baby always ♡

Crazy note: I ordered 1 box of Dr. Brown’s 4oz. bottles (3 in a box), and Amazon accidentally sent me 4 boxes! I think whoever was packing my stuff up saw “4oz.” and thought I ordered 4. So now I have 12 bottles — so crazy! I hope Aria isn’t picky about bottles!!!

First Ever Buys

Before you know the gender (if you do want to find out before the baby comes) that is when you buy things that aren’t going to be pink or blue AND things that you would want to be gender neutral anyways so that you can use them for any future babies! I bought some diapers, a stroller, and more!

Garage Sales

If you see anything from your baby registry at a garage sale buy that bad boy and delete it from the registry without thought!

Clothes Sizes

If you are small like me, buy some new born stuff not a lot thought especially if you’re not going out anywhere with baby much during those first few weeks. Focus on 0-3 months and even 3-6 months, but still don’t buy a lot or spend a lot because babies grow so fast it’s hardly even worth it. Just wash frequently if you decide to go on the less clothes means more other goodies route! Thank you to everyone who helped me figure out the baby clothes dilemma… even though I still want to buy more (at sales though) because their just so darn cute!… I just think of it as ‘I’m not shopping for myself anymore so why not!’ 😛

[Note: Roll over or click pictures for more details :-)]

Aria’s Room!

My favorite color is purple and I love pastels for baby girls so I decided to go with lavender for Aria’s room! Everything so far is from Amazon except for the hamper that I am in love with, which we found at Home Goods for $16.99, and a super soft purple blanket that I found at Ross for $7.99. We are going to be on the hunt for a nice sized dresser that we can use as a changing table, we have found one so far on Craigslist that we like both the width an height for $30 that we can paint gray! There is also a big toy storage bin that would be perfect on the registry. And once we move we can decide if we want a super shaggy rug in her room — probably yes! 😛 I’m also thinking about going to Michael’s and getting big letters for her name an hand painting them! Maybe I’ll think of other cute things to do in her room while I’m there!!!

Last year we also found a really nice Stork Craft Glider/rocking chair at a garage sale — normally around $200, this awesome guy gave it to us for $5 because he loved Michael and I so much!

Yard Sale and Store Finds!

The only great thing that we could find at a yard sale this time around was a Bumbo — normally $40, we got it for $8! Other than that, I’ve been loving finding cute clothes when I can!



I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you! ♡

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