How I Got Over 200 Clothing Items for Baby Aria’s First Year in 2 Months!

I am not going to lie, the best part about preparing for baby after you find out the gender is buying baby clothes… and I had a temporarily psychotic addiction. Everyday our poor mail lady was probably like, “wow someone needs to get the lady in this house some help before I do!”

Baby clothes are just so cute!!! However, after spending a little over $100 dollars in stores — even just on the sales racks — for a few onesie sets and outfits, I had to look for an alternative. That is when I found out that store sales are good, garage sales are cool too but you don’t really find tons of super cute items in great condition at garage sales and there is TOO MUCH driving around… but EBAY IS WHERE IT’S AT!!!

Side Note: Garage sales may be the greatest for leggings and sleepers! But I also got sleepers for about $3-$4 including shipping on eBay. I had one really awesome find at a garage sale though — a pink Cherokee puffer vest for only $1! I love it, absolutely adorable.

Anyways, I have had eBay since 2011 and I would have never in a million years thought that I would be on it almost everyday and have an actual app sitting on my home screen on my phone to get to it quickly when I get a notification to bid on things! With clothes, it was bad. Really, really bad. But I am proud to say that I got over 200 pieces of clothing, mostly 3 to 12 months, in 2 months, for about $3 a piece on average. You could do even better than me probably because I am slightly picky and I spoiled myself and Aria a little in knowing that I had so much time since I started so early.

All you have to do is go on eBay and type in the age and gender “lot” that you are looking for. For example “6 month girl lot,” and BOOM, you have thousands options. Now, this takes some time because it’s not too specific so you will get tons of results. Adding in summer or winter, or onesies or sleepers will narrow down your results some. Make sure that you are searching in “All Categories,” not just in “Baby,” and filtering so that you only view used items in the US also helps. I also didn’t buy from that many different people. Once I received super cute items from someone who shipped fast and had great prices (AND their clothes were super clean and smelled like dreft hahaha), I often found myself going back to their selling page and buying more from them.

The best part of all of this is how much money you save! I have some items that I paid a little more for like her holiday dresses, pea coats, and snowsuits but buying so far ahead of time saves you so much money because 1.) the prices are literally 50% – 95% off if you give yourself a limit on how much you will pay for each item and include shipping in your total limit for multiple items and 2.) you aren’t going into stores and settling for their prices right when you are about to use the items, and then baby grows out of them in a matter of weeks.

It’s 50% – 95% stealing from people who paid full price to use them once or twice!

I tried to stop at 12 months because I think that is as far as I should try to predict what season Aria will wear which clothes, but I do have a few 12-18 and 18-24 months clothes. Oopsie 😉

Rules For eBay Baby Clothes Shopping

  1. ALWAYS check seller’s reviews for shipping issues or quality issues (you can also zoom in pretty good on most pictures to try to check for stains and all of that good stuff)
  2. Have a limit on how much you will pay for each item
  3. Include shipping into the total and divide amongst your limit per item — Shipping is a killer but remember how convenient it is to still save a bunch with out driving anywhere (and using gas)
  4. Don’t try to buy huge lots with too many items that you don’t particularly care for in them because the money you calculated that you would pay for those items are really going towards the few items that you like because you may never even look at other items again. However, go for it if you think you can re-sell what you don’t want! You can also ask sellers if they are willing to sell a few items separate.
  5. Go back to sellers who you have already purchased the cutest and most gently used clothes for great prices, they will probably have more!

Used clothes may be something that is out of the question for some people, but my philosophy behind it all is “do I eventually spend over $1000 a year on all of the cute clothes that I want to get Aria that she will grow out of in one blink, spend a few hundred in stores on just a handful of items for each season, or spend a few hundred on tons of the absolute best gently used items and be able to get her so much more of everything else as well!? AND have one more non-expense that helps us put even more into savings every month” Yeah, I’m going with the latter.

H&M has great deals too if you’re looking for newer items or just low priced items (especially tops)!!!

Aria also has lots of bows/headbands (Chinese sellers have great deals on these!) and a decent amount of shoes including some really cute sandals that I found on eBay; I will probably be more into shoes as she wears them because feet are not as predictable in size and I think I will actually put shoes on her more next summer and when she can walk. Toys and books are next on my agenda!

I hope this is helpful to some expecting or already parents! I would love to hear from you if you’re going to give this a try. God bless and have a beautiful day!!!







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  1. This is EXACTLY what I plan to do whenever I have a baby. I just need to figure out how to get my husband on board. He’s 1,000% against used, pre-owned clothing.

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  2. AretaMackey says:

    It’s great to stop at 12 months as babies often grow faster or slower than size guides. My niece is 18 months and still wearing her 12 month stuff, and my sister is annoyed as she’s kind of a whole season out now. We’re in the Southern Hemisphere so the winter stuff she bought is too big for her to wear now, but she probably won’t fit it until summer!! On the other hand my daughter is 8 months old and is already well into 9-12 month clothing! Good luck with your baby girl, being a mother is the best xo

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    1. Yes going past 12 months is scary that’s why I pretty much stopped there! I consulted with a few mommies on where to stop and 12 months was always the answer. Another great thing is that Aria will be definitely be in 3 months during the winter being born at the end of October and I have lots of cool weather clothes in 6 months as well (6 months is like a transitioning age for the seasons so it’s perfect) Pretty much everything else is summer!!!!! Haha 😊

      Where we are the only things that can’t be worn in just any season are summer dresses and shorts which is where she will be 7 to 11 months old, so I did mostly 9 to 12 months, with a few 6 months which can also be worn on warmer days in the Spring. 12 and 18 are easy too because it’s fall winter and spring again, so cooler weather! Well, I also got some 12 month shorts and rompers because I was told bottoms are often better when they’re a little bit bigger, another transition size that I have cool weather and warm weather clothes. So I think Aria has tons of options for everything — another up side to being able to get everything so cheap. I think any mommy or daddy can figure out transition sizes and to be prepared with both warm and cold weather clothes in if they can find great affordable deals! And if it’s someone’s first child like with me and some things don’t get worn its like well maybe we will have another girl and it will be the perfect size for here, and if not reselling will be so much fun!

      But I’ve moved on to other ebay obsessions so that I don’t get too carried away 😋❤ and thank you so much! I can’t wait!!! Best wishes to you and yours!


  3. This is a good idea, i got lots of used clothe for my boy, and in the first 7,8 month they grow so fast that they cant even get to wear every piece. Now i am makeing small packages with the used clothe and i give them to my friends who are also expecting, and the ones that are more used i will give to charity.

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  4. KPadgett says:

    I am baby clothes OBSESSED! I have two babies (not really babies 1 and 3) but I am ALWAYS finding a reason to purchase a new outfit or 5. I have done the EBAY thing as well as “mom-to-mom” sales and consignment shops. I was a teacher and had parents bring in tons and tons of name brand clothes and shoes, it was AWESOME!! Congrats on your baby girl, such cute clothes!

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  5. Sheridan Johnson says:

    I definitely have to try E-bay out! I used a lot of virtual yardsales (through facebook) for my baby girl!

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    1. Oh yeahhh our town has a yard sale site too and we are in a nice spot near northern Chicago so there’s tons of stuff on there but I never really got into it. I just love how many options eBay has! No shipping though, that’s definitely a plus for those Facebook pages!!!


  6. Brown Babies -n- Heels says:

    I recently began doing the same thing for my son! I shop like crazy for myself so why not for the baby!! The items I’ve received were just like new. I encourage new moms to do the same!!!

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    1. Exactly!!! I’ve purchased from so many people and only had an issue in quality with one person (it was sort of my fault because I forgot to look at her reviews and a few other people had the same issue) but she gave me the money that she made minus like $2 not including shipping back to not leave a review, and I kept the clothes because some were perfect! I will never get over how I have a giant box filled with clothes already! I may just keep going to like 5 years old hahahaha, jk… Well maybe just a little bit jk hahahaha 😜


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