Fall is Right Around the Corner and so is My Favorite Way to Stay Healthy!


Since Mikey is on the military base everyday and interacting with tons of people from all over the place, it came to no surprise that he was the first to catch a little bug with the cooling down of the weather — and you know what?! We ran out of his favorite Zarbee’s Naturals drink mix last week! But not to worry, because this weekend we found them at Target in the cough isle and ON SALE!!! Now until the end of September, you can get your Zarbee’s and save $4 with a coupon provided for you on the box at your local Target! Such a great deal and just in time for fall!

Aviary Photo_130867238681303004

Those who have been following my blog know that I fell in love with Zarbee’s Naturals a few weeks ago and wrote about it in my post Let’s Stop Masking the Bad Days and Start Boosting Our Overall Wellness! Come to find out, Zarbee’s Naturals are a part of a program at Target called Made to Matter. Products that are a part of this program have been handpicked by Target for being natural, organic, sustainable, and great for Target goers and their families.

You can also find so many other Zarbee’s products in Target! If you have little kiddies you will love to know that Zarbee’s has an amazing all natural line for babies and children which include mucus relief, couch syrup, and gummy multivitamins. These products are all made with wholesome, handpicked ingredients from all over the world and are always free of drugs and alcohol — just like all of Zarbee’s products!

Aviary Photo_130867239892222935 Aviary Photo_130867239405760955

This brand and Dr. Zak Zarbok are truly amazing, and who would have thought that Target could get even better? I am a Target fanatic and they just became a hundred times more awesome for carrying this amazingly natural, healthy, and not to mention YUMMY favorite of ours. For those who love to shop online, you can also find more Zarbee’s Target deals by clicking here!

As some as you know we are also in the process of moving to our next duty station so I definitely had to pick up a few of my favorites! I still love the Antioxidant Support with Honey and the Multivitamin with Antioxidant with Mixed Berries and Honey. The Antioxidant Support with Honey is a great option for when I want a delicious, quick, and easy hot drink (I just pour the mix into my mug and pop it in my Keurig) and the Mixed berries with Honey is perfect for when I want something cold! I’m sure I’ll find a Target just fine in Virginia — it will probably be one of the first places I go looking for — but I am so happy to know that I can get more Zarbee’s in store and online from Target too!

Both of us are back to 100% with many thanks to Zarbee’s and Target! The next time you are in Target, don’t forget to stop by the cough isle!!!

Have you tried any Zarbee’s Naturals yet? If so which are your favorites!? I know there isn’t just one!!! Also, if you have tried any products from Zarbee’s baby or children’s line I would love to hear your thoughts on them!


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  1. fitnessmomwinecountry says:

    I have not tried any other Zarbee’s as of yet. I am still enjoying these each day as I am adding them to my water after workouts.

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  2. asears1979 says:

    You look really ready for fall in that gorgeous sweater. I heart Zarbee’s!

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  3. If it’s even possible, I love shopping in Target more now that they have Zarbees on the shelves!

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  4. I love this new vitamin drink, taste good and so natural

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  5. I fell in love with Zarbee’s when I tried them as well.Love the naturally based vitamin boost.

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