Alive and Well in VIRGINIA!

I have been dying to write a blog post! What a journey the past week has been!!! Above all I am just very thankful that we have made is safely to Virginia. Towards the end of our 18 hour drive from Glenview, IL to Virginia (including a much needed nap and lots of potty breaks, especially for myself), I didn’t think me or Michael were going to make it. I’ll just say that we both got very  delirious towards the end, especially me :-(. I should have been eating my baby carrots the whole time. Luckily Mya, my German Shepherd, came up with the brilliant idea haha – she loves carrots. Munching on a never ending snack is a must while driving long distance, especially if you’re a sleepy prego person. God was without a doubt watching over us! And I am also very thankful to have had Michael’s dad’s help with moving and driving the moving truck. We got a 16 footer and almost didn’t make it with all of the chairs we own. Aria’s boxes actually took up about 1/3rd of the truck!!!


Pennsylvania, despite the winding high-speed mountain roads, was definitely the most beautiful state to drive through. More signs that that is where we need to soon settle down? I think so!


Anyways, I’m so glad that all of that is just a thing of the past!

Virginia is a very interesting place. The weather seems to be cooling down a little bit. Last weekend was so hot and more humid than Chicago that I thought my body was going to just give it all up when we pulled into the driveway of our new place! And speaking of our new place!!! We will be here for a year and it is perfect! We lost a lot of bathroom space but we finally have a normal sized kitchen, we gained a room for my office and our mini gym, and I have my own closet!!! Theres also a cute little laundry closet that is perfect for our new washer and dryer. I’ve been washing Arias things left and right — Never separated clothes into cool colors, warm colors, light pinks, and dark pinks before haha! It is a one story place which is perfect because our millions of stairs back in Chicago were killing me more and more the further along I got in my pregnancy. AND stairs is now one less thing that I have to worry about in Aria’s first year! We love how beachy and perfectly vintage some of the characteristics of the house are too! Our favorite part are the high wood paneled/ beamed ceilings ❤ So cute.





Our first few nights here we had a little visitor at our door trying to come in. Poor baby — he was about the size of Mya’s head! I fed him twice at the end of our driveway but then I thought it would be best to stop especially because we don’t have cat food, but that didn’t even matter because he stopped coming around anyways. I think the previous renters may have left him behind because it really seemed like he was waiting to be let in. In other critter news there are more flies here than I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I thought the spiders in Chicago were huge! Every spider here is 3 times the size of the “big” spiders in Chicago or BIGGER! I will definitely be wearing a sweater inside and keeping our house cold!!!

I never thought of Virginia as a southern state. Is it? I’m still not sure. That would explain all of the bugs. And the trees are very southern looking too. Very tall and fluffy on the top haha. If they were bright colors I would think that I was in a Dr. Seuss book :-P. The people here definitely have that southern hospitality (complete with the awesome accent) going on, and I have never held so many conversations with strangers in a store in my entire life! And probably a dozen people have asked about and congratulated us about our pregnancy. I think in Chicago we were congratulated by a stranger maybe twice in 8 months, and we lived in a very nice area near million dollar homes, but a mixture of middle and upper class families — it really makes one think… a lot of the areas in the Norfolk/Portsmouth/Virginia Beach area would probably be considered poor to lower class, yet so many of the people are extremely polite, nice, and genuinely wanting to know that everything is going well with a stranger that they bump into in the store. REALLY makes one think.

Sorry I was a sociology major haha 🙂

Downtown Virginia Beach will probably be my favorite spot. Lots of places to shop and get a yummy bite to eat! That’s also where Hobby Lobby is! Hehe. Mikey always draws in on the most random things there.


Hopefully next week we can check out the beach!!! I would love for Aria to be able to chill on the beach a little bit next summer, that would be the greatest ❤

We also got to see a doc on Monday and will every week now until our little angel is here! We are almost done with her nursery! Cannot wait to show you along with some super cute fall décor!

God bless and have an amazing day!!!






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  1. I recognize this housing… 😊 good luck! I have a list of restaurants for you to try!! 😉

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  2. kimbaz5 says:

    Time to sit down, relax and set up the homestead hahaha💜❤️💚

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