Get Our Winter Wonderland Themed Christmas Tree!!!


Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,

how lovely are thy branches!!!

I wasn’t kidding about putting up the tree last weekend! Okay, so I know that Nordstrom and tons of people want to be humbugs in the month of November this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it just gets worse each year, but I will ALWAYS put up the tree in the middle of November. To each his own right? Why put a damper on “early” holiday cheer!!! I absolutely love Christmas just because of the spirit that it gets most people in and the cheerful decorations. I also love Christmas shopping and surprising family and friends with awesome gifts so why not start decorating while I’m in the spirit to shop for those gifts!? Plus mid November is just the perfect time to not seem too Christmas insane when we start decorating. Thanksgiving and Christmas sort of go hand in hand anyways! Hobby Lobby seems to agree and they’re the best!

Any who, we have decided that since we love a wintery Christmas that we should try to stick with the “white Christmas” theme every year and just keep adding and adding to the house decorations with this theme each year. Plus how we want to do the theme flows so well with décor that we already have for the main areas of our house! So its absolutely perfect and I’m so in love with it!

The theme is so magical yet so neutral and we already had so many things to use from our previous Christmases together! Silver, gold, and of course white are the focus!

We got the stars that we used from Wal-Mart last year, as well as the small snowflakes which cost close to nothing.

Wal-Mart has tons of the small shatterproof ornaments in the largest sets ever, ranging for $5 to $30 — most around $10. We have a bunch in silver, gold, green, and purple. For this theme we just used the gold from Wal-Mart and some large silver ones from Home Depot!

This year we got the best decorations for a “white Christmas” theme from Hobby Lobby, and practically everything was 50% off! On sale the large glittery snowball ornaments were $7 for a box of 4 ( we got 2 boxes), the large snowy snowflakes were $2.50 each, I believe the silver leafy bunches were $1-$2, and each snowy branch as only $5!

We also finally got a great tree skirt this year from T.J.Maxx for $30. They have tons of great ones in the $20-$40 range!


Instead of a star, I love when people put branches at the top of the tree, sort of like a Christmassy starburst. We got our variety of branches last year from Michael’s. That and the little puffs of shimmery snow (flame retardant <– VERY IMPORTANT :-D, from a large bag purchased from Hobby Lobby) were the icing on the tree!


The silver ribbon is also from Michael’s and I remember it being very surprisingly cheap for its quality! It is very stiff which I love because it’s so easy to make it stay exactly where you want it. However, it doesn’t stay bent/shaped/curved but I use tree branches to assist me with that.

I have been thinking about adding some white poinsettias but I’m unsure if they’ll make me love the tree more or if they will be too much… They’ll probably be too much. I can always get them and use them somewhere else though! My mom always said that the best way to tell that you are finished with and absolutely love your Christmas tree is if you love it without the lights on. I’ll always go by that, and I simply adore it! So excited for this season and I hope everyone’s holidays are MERRY AND BRIGHT!!!


If Mya loves it, I love it… wait she loves everything….

Aviary Photo_130923339213110986



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  1. kimbaz5 says:

    Very very beautiful!!

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  2. Erin and Sky says:

    Very beautiful!

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  3. lifeasagaymom says:

    Looks pretty!!!

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    1. Thank youuu! 😀😀😀


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