Little Miss Aria is 6 Months Old!

Six months before yesterday at the very tippy top of the morning I was unable to sleep because our little baby girl was moving so much and something was going on that had me in the worst possible pain imaginable. After enduring it for a while, wishing that I could just go to sleep, and getting up and debating rather we should go to the hospital, Mikey and I decided to head to the Labor and Delivery… just in case.

I wanted her to be here so badly but I was also sort of in denial because I wanted her to stay safe in my tummy. We got to Labor and Delivery after a very fun but painful ride in a really cool wheelchair and the man behind the counter asked what we were there for and I said “Hmm…It’s probably time.”

We actually had a blast with most of the doctors and nurses. Most of them we will definitely never forget and one specialist that we saw said that we were her all time favorite couple. They said that we were unlike most couples that they meet. I think that we were just trying to have fun so that I could stop thinking about the pain. We laughed at absolutely everything and then 3 hours later a little angel that couldn’t have possibly fit comfortably in my tummy entered this big amazing-crazy world.

7 lbs. 14 oz. and some other things that made no difference to me. She was beautiful and we have to make her smile, forever.


Six months later we are waking up at 9 am ready to play and laugh. Most of the time she doesn’t even cry when she wakes up, I’ll wake up to her just blabbing away to herself in the monitor. Then when she hears her door open I can see her looking up and around on her tummy and then there’s nothing but joy in her face when she finally sees someone. When we are done playing we come out into the hall and greet Mya, our German Shepherd, who wants nothing more than to impress Aria. She dashes for her bone and does circles around us, Aria shrieks with so much excitement and Mya licks her toes. We let Mya outside and Aria looks up at all of the trees and I tell her about them and the birds. We have mommies milk and some homemade fruits and veggies. She is obsessed with pears and I cannot get another spoon full fast enough for her. She also loves apples, avocados, bananas, carrots, and sweet potatoes — and there are many more to come!

She loves to grab things and is always putting things in her mouth, even my arm if she can reach it when she is sitting on my lap. When Mikey came home from being out to sea for a little while the other day, she definitely recognized him and reached for his head and put her face in his hair like she was giving him a kiss on the top of his head. Such a sweet heart!


She’s just a little lady now, no doubt about it. And her days are 60% sleep, 35% play, and 5% eat (only because she’s downing 7 oz of milk in just a few minutes and doing likewise with her food). She loves a little bit of attention but she mostly likes to do her own thing. She gets in her little zone and blabs on and on to her toys and occasionally looks at whoever is around and laugh at them. Her favorite spot to be in is her bouncer (NOTE: it is recommended that babies only spend 15 minutes at a time in bouncers so that there isn’t extensive pressure placed on their hips.)


She can’t crawl yet but she can scoot herself with her knees and she also uses her knees to turn herself all the way around. So far just doing the worm basically. She can sit up on her own for a few seconds and roll across the room in 5 seconds flat.


I think that in the middle of her cries she says Mama…or Mya. It would be the cutest if her first clear word was Mya. The two of them are so fascinated with each other. I can tell that they are going to be the best of friends. However, I think she said “Bye” and “Hi” back to me when she was 2 months old but everyone will think that I’m crazy so scratch that. Haha.

The silliest and some of the simplest things make her laugh and love it. Every little noise and face, and also when we count to ten for hershe starts waving her arms with excitement every time. I think that it’s because we watched Peg + Cat a lot when she was a newborn because she is crazy about the theme song. Now she loves the music shows on Baby First and the movie Home is her absolute favorite. We got her a bunch of Disney movies but I think all of the purple caught her eye in Home (that’s ma girl!!), so daddy bought the movie for her!


Two o’clock is nap time. When she falls to sleep on me it is thee single most amazing feeling in the world.


If you follow us on our social networks you saw that she fell to sleep in her bouncer the other day. I hope that is a sign of a wonderful childhood — falling to sleep right where you are in the middle of playing 🙂

She goes to bed promptly at 7pm every night, if she had an extra adventurous day sometimes she passes out at 6:30 — then it’s mommy time and Gilmore Girls until she wakes up for one last midnight snack and mommy goes to bed.

This is a good age to socialize her, beyond our normal outings to the grocery store and garden center. I really want to go to a baby and mommy yoga class soon!

Aria is everything and definitely one of a kind,

and I will never believe that I could be as blessed as I am to have her for a daughter.


This age is an amazing one for sure.



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  1. Katie says:

    Her eyes are so beautiful.

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    1. TheChyLife says:

      Thank you! I think that everything about her is half me and half her dad haha I love it. ❤


  2. This is so sweet! She sounds like a very happy little girl! You must be doing a fabulous job! Keep up the good work! Happy half birthday!

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  3. She’s beautiful! Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

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