We Love Pish Posh!

Looking for handmade, one of a kind gifts for a little angel? Well, Aria recently got a few things from Pish Posh and they are the cutest personalized gifts ever! They go so well in her room and every kid needs cute, cozy, personalized things! If you are looking for adorable gifts for a special little family member check out PishPosh.com!


AriaPishPosh2On the site you will find the cutest car seat covers, stroller blankets, shopping cart covers, tag lovies, bibs, kids’ aprons, crib sets, adorable baby clothes, kids’ clothes and DRESSES (which I just discovered), cute cold weather hats, pillows, pillow cases, toys — including the oh so classic stick pony back in action and SO much cuter too, and more! Not to mention many of these things are personalizable!!! So cute… I can’t get over it. Currently, Aria loves her tag lovie the most. It is so cuddly, and like most babies she can’t get enough of the tags, which are great for sensory and motor development!

AriaPishPosh7 AriaPishPosh5 AriaPishPosh4 AriaPishPosh6

AriaPishPosh8There are also amazing, one of a kind items that the whole family can enjoy for the home as well! See even more on Instagram (@PishPoshdotcom) and Facebook (Pish Posh)!

Every item is handmade and very high quality. I’ve washed Aria’s burp cloth and tag lovie numerous times already and they are still just like new. I’ll have to have another daughter and name her Aria Junior because these are so well made that they are going to last literally forever. Okay, I’ll start obsessing on the inside now…

Many thanks to the sweet creator of all of these wonderful gifts, Miss Dana!




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