Aria’s First Cart Ride Through the Grocey Store

So, we desperately needed to go grocery shopping because our refrigerator was looking like a bachelors refrigerator! Pizza Hut on one shelf, and lots of condiments…that was it haha. But it was all good because Aria has been sitting up for a while and can finally sit in the cart rocking her new hair style!

We had our cart cover handy which has little toy rings and a screen to put your phone behind, we had extra toys and we were all set!

Well, it didn’t seem too promising at first because Aria was yelling “what is this?! Where are you putting me?! Where are you going to be mama?!” when I first put her in the cart, haha not really but she wasn’t happy. This only lasted about 30 seconds. Once we got rolling she started looking around and loving it!

She blabbed on and on the entire time making the happiest and cutest little high pitched noises. I could take my time and go back if I missed something (before, if I missed something we would have to do without it because Aria had a time limit before she got very fussy and uncomfortable in the baby carrier)!


Oh, we also found Doc McStuffins! We CANNOT forget about Doc McStuffins! She got super happy then. There was a little hanging thing full of Doc McStuffins and Disney Princess growth charts that stick to the wall near where I get my white cheddar pop corn from, and I wanted to get the Disney Princess one but we had to get Doc McStuffins because as soon as I said “Doc McStuffins” Aria’s face lit up and she couldn’t contain her excitement at all with all of the feet kicking going on. She held onto the box and flipped it every which way until we had to put it on the conveyer belt at the check out.

Now mommy has hardly any room in the refrigerator for anything else! That’s always good because I haven’t been taking good care of myself lately. Clean eating is next on the agenda. On this shopping trip I focused on foods that will give me the extra energy that I need while Mikey is gone.

On the plus side! This is my favorite stage with Aria for sure! Well, I think I’m going to keep saying that about every stage, babies/kids are just so amazing and keep on being amazing in their own little ways no matter what. But she’s so into new things and everything makes her so interested and happy. Not to mention she mastered crawling, and is learning to walk and pull herself up to things so she gets super excited about that — being able to explore on her own. But she isn’t too all over the place where I can’t keep up haha. I wish everyone were like 7 month olds, just so happy about everything and so appreciative of the littlest things… well most of the time.


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  1. Katie says:

    It’s funny how the cart is just as fun as the stroller, isn’t it? Mine loves it too. Glad you’re having so much fun!

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  2. kimbaz5 says:

    Looks pretty dang comfy to me!😊💖 First are sooooooo much fun, being entertained is a definite BONUS! Glad you all got a chance to stock up the frig🍽💜💛💚

    Liked by 1 person

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