Chilling in the Shade and Loving Baby Klara’s Children’s Boutique!

We ran a few errands today and Aria got a million compliments on her accessories from Baby Klara’s Children Boutique. I had to share a few pictures because we are in love with them too!

AriaXBabyKlara1AriaXBabyKlara2I adore the owner of the shop as well! She told me about the bracelet which is an “Evil Eye Bracelet” — that is absolutely stunning by the way. The Turkish wear these to protect them from the “evil” or jealous eye of others which is believed to bring bad luck to the person whom they look at in this way. It is a true good luck charm, and perfect for a princess! I miss when the world used to be so open to other cultures and beliefs. We used to learn so much from others. Well, Aria and me are going to keep on embracing the beauty of the world starting with this beautiful treasure. Aria loves to roll it around and shake it randomly after she becomes re-amazed with it which makes me love it even more! Haha!

Her headband is gorgeous as well. It is extremely well made and it seems more comfy in fit than the majority of the elastic headbands that Aria owns. The beading is amazing, super detailed and beautiful! I love that she can wear it casually and with something more dressy too!!!

AriaXBabyKlara3She has a romper from Baby Klara as well and I can’t wait to put it on her…I’m also contemplating on buying another because they are just the most adorable rompers! It was love at first sight. Definitely can’t have too much cuteness in your life that’s for sure!!!

ARIAXBabyKlara55Today we relaxed under the gazebo in our back yard like we do every day, but today she seemed extra content just looking at different flowers and little creatures that she spotted and other things. Every once in a while her beautiful evil eye bracelet would catch her eye again too and there goes that amazement all over again ♡

Visit Baby Klara’s shop on Etsy >>HERE<<



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  1. I had heard about the Turkish “Evil Eye” but I didn’t know it was even on baby bracelets!

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    1. TheChyLife says:

      We love it! I was almost in tears when I first put it on her. It’s soooo smalll hahahaha!

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  2. kimbaz5 says:

    OMGoodness!!!!!!! 😳What in the worrrrrld😂Soooooooo cute chilln☺️ #nana

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TheChyLife says:

      Haha little lady Ari 💜


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