Late Night Bonding

For some reason Aria took the shortest naps all day yesterday. After probably fifteen minutes she would be up again. Literally, “cats” take longer naps than that. She didn’t sleep for long after it was bed time at seven o’clock either. I fed her, changed her, burped her, walked around the house with her and tried to get her to sleep again — that lasted a little while then she was up again at ten. For some reason I wasn’t completely exhausted from the day either. So I gave in and let her play…and I’m so glad that I did.

We crawled around her floor super fast together and she was cracking up going round and round and back and forth. I literally felt like I was a little toddler too. It was unbelievable how excited she was to just crawl around. I said my famous line to her in the funny voice that she likes: HEY! AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE ASLEEP!” When I caught up to her I would tickle her and she would die laughing and try to roll away from me. The music that I always put on to help her sleep was still playing on Pandora on her TV, and every time a new slow song came on she sat in the middle of her floor and rocked back and forth to it like she had been studying someone’s soulful grandpa for weeks. She would look at me smiling so hard so I just had to copy her to make sure she stayed into it because I couldn’t get enough of it. When a faster song came on she would find something to help her stand and start bouncing up and down exactly to the beat. Once she almost fell and she got so scared but I swooped her up and spun her around and she screamed out in laughter. I opened up her book bin because she likes to try to say “book,” I said “booookkksss”in a high pitched voice and in response she said “BUUUHHHH!” in the highest pitched voice a baby could possibly have. It was so funny to me that I did this with her back and forth probably 50 times until she crawled away laughing.

After doing the most random things for about an hour with her I laid on her fluffy rug while she chewed on one of her rubbery animals. After about a minute or two she came crawling over and gave me her version of a kiss on the cheek over and over (she just opens her mouth and puts her face on my face). She attempted to crawl over my back and ended up just laying on my back for a few seconds  then came back and gave me more of her kisses. She laid with her face in my face and laughed a little short laugh and I did it back, then she did it again and that was the next thing for us to do back and forth until she finally had enough.

We had a blast and at eleven-thirty she finally went into a deep sleep.

With Mikey deployed sometimes I feel like I’m not enough for her when I get so worn out that I can’t be as playful as I want to be and I worry about how that may effect her happiness. But when I see her crawling around, going all over the place and laughing as much as she does it makes me so proud of all that I have managed to do despite the fact that I am doing this mostly by myself. She’s so happy, and I feel like our situation just makes us closer — even though she is only eight months old, it’s almost like she knows that I need her just as much as she needs me and it’s amazing.

I will cherish moments like these forever…


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