Our Prayers Led to the Best Christmas Present Ever… Daddy’s Home!!!

Mikey was away on the Eisenhower on and off last winter and this spring… then came their 7 to 8 month deployment ūüė¶ We missed out on so much as a new family and he was also going to miss Christmas!!! However, a few months ago there were rumors that the ship would be back early. We prayed and prayed that it did, but¬†then this time last month¬†we got the news that just Mikey and a handful of others would be flying back to take their after deployment leave early because the ship needed them here!!!

Many, many thanks to Miss Ryen for the above photos ♡

Mikey flew in on the 17th of December. I raced to pick him up, forgetting so many things at home, but as long as I had Aria that’s something right haha. We got there right on time and met up with his friend’s wife who helped make the moment so much more special. We had our own private area away from the crowd, we got to see them through a frosted glass right when they came off of the plane (which was actually pure torture), and the moment we finally reunited again was absolutely perfect. Of course there were tons of tears, but there were also so many big smiles and laughs.



We got to spend a week having so much Christmassy fun as a family. We went to Virginia Beach to drive through a light show on the boardwalk¬†right next to the beach¬†which was so cool and so much fun. Aria stood in truck next to me looking at all of the lights with us. We made Christmas cookies, watched all of our favorite Christmas movies, danced and sang Christmas songs (Aria’s fave is “Feliz Navidad,” she always does her little quick march when it comes on haha), and we did some last minute shopping.


Christmas morning was nothing short of magical. Aria wouldn’t wake up so I went in her room and whispered ‘Santa’s been here, Santa’s been here’ next to her crib until she woke up. We came out into the living room and she crouched down to look at all of her gifts. Teaching her that everything on and around the tree is a flower kinda back fired for a moment because she just went around patting all of the bows. She¬†didn’t get into opening gifts until mommy and daddy showed her how to let it rip. And thank goodness for Daddy’s enthusiasm to build things right away!



She’s super entertained now, especially with her princess tent and kitchen, so much so¬†that she never leaves the area that they’re in. She mixes her little plastic foods in her pots all day haha. Her tent has a tunnel attachment that¬†mama and Ari tested out (daddy is too big) and we had so much fun but she likes it much better without the tunnel right now. We are going to make half of our living room into a play area now so that she can always have her favorite things around.¬†Thanks to everyone who got her gifts as well! They were all very special. And we are¬†also thankful to be able to get her things to make Christmas special for her. I can’t wait to start teaching her to give back each Christmas, even if it’s just giving away the toys that she no longer plays with.





We were so blessed to be able to have had our little family together this Christmas and it really is amazing how powerful prayer is. Mikey is back without his ship, for his ship. That is just amazing. Our little family back together is all I wanted this Christmas.

Thank you Jesus.



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  1. glad you had a merry Christmas….

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    1. TheChyLife says:

      Thank you so much. I hope you did as well!!!


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